Before, During and After Your Get-Acquainted Meeting with a Family Lawyer

Here are the 3 things you should do when going for your first consultation with a family lawyer. You want to find a lawyer who makes you feel comfortable – and will give you expert representation.

These Three Steps Will Help You Find That Attorney.

1. Before The Meeting. Many lawyers will offer a free get-acquainted visit to see if the case is right for them and so you can see if they are the lawyer you want. Find out if the consultation is free or how it will be charged. Go to the meeting prepared. Make a list of questions. You won’t remember every question unless you are prepared and it will also help keep the appointment on track so every question gets answered. Bring any documents that you feel you might need to leave with the lawyer. Make copies for yourself before the meeting and you may save some charges as many firms charge for copies. Don’t forget to bring a pen and pad – make notes of key points.

2. During The Meeting. First, be on time. You want to start a relationship that is mutually respectful – being late is getting off to a bad start. Listen. Let the attorney start the conversation after you introduce yourself. The attorney will know what questions to ask to get the facts that are needed. Be prepared with any documents you feel are needed (remember, make copies!). Be honest. Withholding a fact that you think might hurt your case is going to only make it more difficult later in the procedures. Learn how you can contact the lawyer – by phone, email, etc. – and if there are additional charges. Most importantly, know the fees and if you can afford them. Also, don’t be afraid to ask about the attorney’s experience in cases like yours.

3. Be Prepared To Go Forward. Decide if this is the attorney for you and your case. If you feel comfortable with both the person and the fees, be ready to go forward. Ask the lawyer and be clear about what will come next. Most likely, you’ll be asked to bring in more information and documents for the lawyer to review. Follow any advice the lawyer has given you on how to proceed. Be prepared to meet any necessary timelines and make sure the attorney can meet any timelines required on your part.

Being prepared and talking to one or more lawyers is the best way to find the best fit for you and your case. You want to find an expert lawyer – that’s especially important when it’s a family law case. Emotions often run high in cases that involves families and you want an attorney that can calm the waters and give you a successful conclusion. A good family law attorney will have both the experience and the attitude you need.

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