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It happens. A job is lost. Hours are cut. You’re stuck in a home that is still upside down. You may have been financially hurt by the economy or you may have had a life-changing event – an illness, unexpected bills or a change in your family that has left you in debt. Maybe, you just got overextended when financial matters didn’t go as you expected. Now, you are so deeply in debt that you think bankruptcy may be the answer. Find out! Call the Adam Rieth Law Firm. Adam is your expert bankruptcy attorney with convenient law offices in Gilbert, Glendale and Queen Creek. Ask for a free consultation. Discuss your financial situation and get the advice of an expert.


Take the stress out of your financial situation. Bankruptcy can stop those scary phone calls from bill collectors. It can end the anxiety of trying to stretch your money to cover the needs of your family, your mortgage or rent, groceries and utilities – plus, all the bills that keep piling up. Bankruptcy lawyer Adam Rieth understands your struggle. He can help you declare bankruptcy and get the fresh start you need!


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Adam Rieth is an expert bankruptcy attorney and you will meet with him – not a staff member or paralegal. When you are considering filing bankruptcy, Adam will give you the help and advice you need. He’ll discuss your financial situation with you. He’ll explain the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. He’ll outline all the pros and cons. He’ll give you your options. You’ll leave understanding that you can get a fresh start,– and that you deserve that opportunity to begin anew.


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How Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Works

Chapter 7 allows you to be free of credit card debt, medical bills and other unsecured debts without having to pay them back. Some of your debts – like child support – cannot be forgiven as Adam will explain. The best part of Chapter 7 bankruptcy is that when the Adam Rieth Law Firm files your bankruptcy, you get immediate protection. The harassing phone calls and other collection attempts must stop. Your wages cannot be garnished – the law says so. If bill collectors continue to bother you, you can even tell them to call Adam Rieth law. Your debts will be discharged by the courts in about 90 to 120 days. You have a fresh start to rebuilt your future!


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How Chapter 13 Works

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a reorganization of your debt and finances. It allows you to create a repayment plan so you can keep the valuable property you might have had to give up in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You offer to pay your creditors all or just part of what you owe. Chapter 13 protects your home from being foreclosed and may allow you to make up for missed car or mortgage payments. The Adam Rieth Law Firm will take care of filing for you. That filing may even stop the high interests you are being charged on local, Arizona or Federal tax debts. With Adam’s help, you will establish a repayment plan – which can mean that some of the debt may not ever have to be repaid. You will normally have 3 to 5 years to comply with the plan. You do your part and at the end of that time, all your remaining dischargeable debts will be forgiven. You’ve protected your assets and gotten back on firm financial footing.


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Which Bankruptcy is Right for You? Adam Rieth Law Will Help You Decide.

Chapter 7 may allow you to be free of heavy debt without any repayment. If you have assets you want to keep that you cannot protect in a Chapter 7, Chapter 13 might be best. Make the right choice. Choose a free consultation with Adam Rieth, Bankruptcy Attorney. Just arrange your appointment at the location most convenient for you – Glendale, Gilbert or Queen Creek.


Bankruptcy Payment Plans

The Adam Rieth Law Firm Has the Payment Plans that Make It Possible for You to File

We understand. You’re coming to us because you are having financial problems. The Adam Rieth Law Firm offers flat fees for both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. We’ll also arrange a payment plan that works for you. Our flat fees are:

• $595*, single filer and no asset case
• $795*, all cases with assets
• Flat fees for Chapter 13 also available

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