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Divorce is never an easy decision – or an easy process. You have property and assets that need to be divided. You must settle tough questions. How will you and your soon-to-be-ex share child custody? What about child support? Will one of you take possession of the home or will you need to sell it? Will spousal maintenance be awarded? You need to know your rights and you need to have someone on your side to protect them. That person is Adam Rieth, your divorce lawyer in Gilbert. lawyer in Glendale, Gilbert and Queen Creek.

Why you want a divorce lawyer in Gilbert?

You want a lawyer close to home.

Your life is changing. You need to have a divorce attorney who is convenient. You don’t need to add the stress of driving crosstown in traffic or trying to arrange time off work to see your attorney. Adam Rieth has convenient office right in Gilbert and is very flexible in scheduling appointments so you can get the help you need easily without upsetting your life or schedule.

You want a divorce attorney – not just any attorney. You want an attorney who is experienced in handling divorces. A divorce lawyer understands the Arizona law and how it is applied. When you choose Adam Rieth for your divorce attorney, you are choosing an experienced professional. Adam understands every nuance of the divorce laws and, more, knows how local judges are likely to apply those laws if you need to go to court. The advice he can give you is invaluable in helping you reach an equitable settlement in the least amount of time.

You need a compassionate lawyer

When you are going through the emotional roller coaster of a divorce, you need a divorce attorney like Adam Rieth who will work directly with you – not shuffle you off to a staff member. Adam understands that every divorce has moments when you are sad and moments when you are angry. He will help make sure that those emotions don’t cloud your vision. Adam won’t let you agree to something that isn’t in your best interest just to hurry the divorce along. He’s with you every step of the way.

You want a fair settlement of all issues. As your divorce attorney, Adam Rieth will protect your rights and help you work with your spouse and his or her lawyer to arrive at a fair settlement that can be presented to the court for approval. You will deal with hard issues like child custody, child support and spousal support and Adam will be at your side. By reaching an agreement, you save yourself the stress of a going to trial or relying on the court to make decisions for you.

You need a divorce attorney that makes help affordable. When you are divorcing, your finances change. A two-income family may suddenly be a one-income family. Adam Rieth, your Glendale divorce attorney, knows that you should have someone on your side when you are going through a divorce. He offers affordable flat rate fees. More, he will arrange a payment plan that works for you.
The fees of the Adam Rieth Law Firm are:
$1095 plus filing fees for a divorce without children
$1295 plus filing fees for a divorce with children
Affordable rates and payment plans available for contested divorces.
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