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Your family is important to you. That’s the reason that if you have a family legal problems you want understanding, professional help to solve them. You want to see Adam Rieth, your family law attorney in Gilbert. With a convenient location, available flat rate fees and affordable payment plans – plus, proven expertise in all areas of family law, the Adam Rieth Family Law Firm is your best choice for the help you need.

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Family law can be happy – a name change for a great start to a new life. It can be very stressful – a change in child custody or child support. It can be preventative like protecting assets with a prenuptial agreement. When families need legal help, they need expert legal help. It’s right here in Gilbert and just a phone call away. If you’re facing a family problem, call the Family Law Firm of Adam Rieth today. He can help you!


Family Law Attorney Gilbert

Child custody changes
are difficult for every family. Whether you need a change in child support because your or your ex’s financial situation has changed or if you need to reexamine and change the custody arrangement from your divorce, you want family law attorney Adam Rieth. Adam understands your concerns and your stress. He can give you excellent advice, professional help and take some of that stress off your shoulders.


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Terminating parental rights
is a necessity in some cases. Your first duty is to keep children safe and secure. If you have a situation that is out of control, let family law attorney Adam Rieth help you evaluate your options. The first consultation is free. Adam will stand by you and support you with compassionate, expert legal help if you need to terminate parental rights to protect the involved children.


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You need to end a marriage with divorce, legal separation or an annulment. There are more ways to end a marriage than a divorce. Your situation may mean that a legal separation or an annulment is a better option. The differences? A divorce divides assets, arranges child custody and provides for child and/or spousal support. The marriage is ended; each partner is now single. A legal separation accomplishes the same things with one big difference – the marriage goes on. The parties are still married even though they are legally separated. There are both religious and personal reasons for this choice. An annulment says that the marriage never existed and that there are no shared assets. An annulment must have a specific reason such as one person entering the marriage fraudulently, the inability to consummate the marriage or if one person is committing bigamy. Talking to family attorney Adam Rieth can clarify which is best for you.

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You want a prenuptial agreement. There are many reasons that a couple will choose a prenuptial agreement. One partner may be bringing substantially more assets into the marriage and may want those personal assets protected. Both partners may want to keep individual assets separate for their own heirs. Whatever the reason, you need a family law attorney to ensure that the prenuptial agreement is legal and binding.

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You want a new name! You may want to honor someone in your past. You may want to reflect your current family situation. Whatever the reason, you want your new name to be legal. You need family law attorney Adam Rieth to take care of the legal process.

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