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When family troubles become legal troubles, you want the expertise of a family law attorney on your side. When you think of family law, you may think of divorce. Of course, that’s one area of expertise that a family law lawyer has, but there’s more. Adam Rieth, your family law attorney in Glendale, can help you with a divorce or any area of family law. Put his expertise to work for you in any of these situations.

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If you want to end your marriage but aren’t sure how.
There are three ways to end a marriage. The most common is divorce. When you divorce, your assets are divided. Child custody and child support is determined. Spousal support can be awarded to either the wife or the husband depending of family circumstances. The marriage is legally over. A legal separation does the same thing – with one big difference. The marriage is not dissolved; the partners remain married to each other. You may wonder why a couple would choose this options. Sometimes it is for religious reasons, but it can also may be for personal reasons like being able to keep insurance coverage in place. The third way to end a marriage is with an annulment. An annulment simply says that the marriage never existed. It is only granted is specific cases like fraud, being unable to consummate the marriage or because one partner has committed bigamy. If you think you want to end your marriage by any of these means, you want a family law expert, like Adam Rieth, on your side to protect your interests and be your advocate.


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Changes need to be made in child custody or child support.
You thought you’d solved these issues in your divorce, but things change. One of the parents may lose a job – or get a new job at and a much higher income. Someone may move. Your children’s needs may change as they get older. Issues involving children are often both emotional and tricky. If you need a change in your parenting time or in child support, be prepared. Get the help you need for an experienced family law attorney like Adam Rieth.


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Change your name! Families change and names can change. If you wondered why your father thought you should be a boy named Sue or if you want to reflect your current family situation, a name change may be the answer. Changing your name means going to court and getting court approval. Your Glendale family law attorney – your expert – can make sure that all the “I’s” are dotted and all the “T’s” are crossed so your new name is your legal name.

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Parental rights may need to be terminated. This is one of the most difficult situations a parent can face. A child’s safety must come first. If there is reason to terminate the rights of one parent or to change the custody or visitation rights, you want experienced help. Count on Adam Rieth to be at your side.

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Marriages fail. And, sometimes there are reasons that one party – or both parties – want to protect their assets in case the marriage fails. A prenuptial agreement spells out how assets are owned and how they will be divided in the event of a divorce. For example, in a second marriage both parties may want to protect their assets for the heirs or one partner may have significantly more assets and want to make sure they will not be divided in the event of a divorce. Many think a prenup is saying you don’t trust the other person, but family law attorney’s like Adam Rieth know they may be a very smart move.

Families come in all sizes – and so do their problems. If you have a family problem that you think may mean you need legal help, see Adam Rieth!


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