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You can speak from the grave. If you use the services of Gilbert Estate Planning Attorney Adam Rieth all your last wishes will be known and followed after you pass. You will have all the necessary legal documents needed your family when you die. And, you can specify what you want done if you suffer a serious illness. Making your estate and last wishes clear and legal is one of the last things you can do for your family. Proper legal planning removes their stress and insures your wishes will be followed.

Use the Services of Gilbert Probate Attorney Adam Rieth

If you die without a will, the Arizona law will handle your assets. Your heirs will be designated by Arizona law – not by what you may have wanted. The process may add both expenses that takes money away from your heirs and lengthens the time it takes to settle your estate. Your estate planning attorney, Adam Rieth, can make sure that your estate is protected and your wishes are known with the following documents:

A will is a legal document.

You decide how your money, property and possessions will be distributed to your heirs. You can even specify who receives that antique clock you love. A will also gives you the opportunity to name the executor of your estate – the person who will oversee the distribution of your assets. You can name a guardian for a minor child and a conservator to protect and manage the inheritance of that child or an incapacitated adult. You make all the decisions! You specify just exactly what will happen. And, if you change your mind, no problem. A legal document called a codicil can allow you to make changes to your will at any time. Visit the Glendale estate planning offices of Adam Rieth and he will make the process comfortable and easy so your last wishes are legally defined.

A living will serves a different purpose.

It defines what medical care or medical interventions you want if you are incapacitated and cannot speak for yourself. Again, you make the decisions. Do you want to be put on life support? Do you want extraordinary measures to keep your alive? You can detail the circumstances and how you would like those decisions to be made. A living will takes the burden off the family. They don’t have to guess what decisions you would like made. They know they are following your wishes.

Power of attorney

can give your designated person the right to make medical decisions with a health power of attorney or it can give a person the right to act in your behalf with your financial affairs. A durable power of attorney ends with your death and is in place when you are incapacitated and cannot act on your own behalf. Your estate planning attorney Adam Rieth can tailor your power of attorney so it accurately reflects your wishes.

A simple trust may be the better way to manage your estate.

Talking with estate planning attorney Adam Rieth can help you make all the right decisions on the best way to handle your estate so your assets and money is managed as you choose even after your death.

Put Estate Planning Attorney Adam Rieth on Your Side

The death of a loved one is traumatic. It’s a time of sorrow and grief. It’s a time you want to make as easy as possible for the people you love. Disputes over assets and wills happen in families – not just in the death of the rich or famous. You want your wishes to be followed and you want your will to be legally binding so it cannot be challenged. Most of all, you want to relieve stress from your loved ones if you are seriously ill and when you pass. Working with an attorney will make your wishes known and followed. Choose the convenient Gilbert Law Offices of Adam Rieth for estate planning that is both expert and affordable.

The following services are included in the estate planning package offered by Estate Planning Attorney, Adam Rieth.

$495 Flat Fee Estate Planning Package.

• A last will and testament
• Durable power of attorney
• General power of attorney
• A living will (healthcare authorization)

Add a simple trust for an additional $500.

The personal attention of Adam Rieth will guide you through the process and make sure that your last wishes are legally established.

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