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1. Health Power of Attorney: You choose and designate the person to make medical decisions if you are unable to make those decisions yourself. This accomplishes two things. First, you choose someone who will do what you request. Second, the family is not left second-guessing what you would have wanted when difficult healthcare decisions need to be made.
2. Power of Attorney: Again, you choose the person who is named to take over all your financial and legal matters and handle them for you if you are incapacitated.
3. Living Will: This is your opportunity to spell out how you want to be treated in the event of a life-threatening illness. You make your own decisions and take that burden off your family members.
4. A Last Will and Testament: You know who you want to inherit and what you want them to have; a will makes your wishes legal. It gives you a chance to nominate your own Executor. You legally spell out what you want to happen with your assets after your death and the person who will oversee the distribution. You can make arrangements to manage the care and/or inheritance of a child or an incapacitated adult. Having a will can also make it possible for your heirs to avoid probate. Working with an attorney will create a legally binding document as long as it is created while you are of sound mind.
5. A Trust: A simple trust may be the best way to manage your estate. Talking with estate planning attorney Adam Rieth will help you make the correct choices to manage your money and assets even after your death.

Is Using an Estate Planning Attorney Expensive?
Initial estate planning is very affordable and it is one of the best investments you can make. It specifies the medical treatment you want to receive when you are unable to speak for yourself and appoints someone you trust to hold your Health Power of Attorney. It defines who will inherit your assets and how those assets will be distributed. The Adam Rieth Law Offices, located in Queen Creek, Glendale and Gilbert, offer an affordable estate planning package and you can even add a simple trust:
$495 Estate Planning Package: This package includes
1. Your Last Will and Testament
2. Durable Power of Attorney
3. General Power of Attorney
4. Your Living Will (Healthcare Authorization)
A Simple Trust can be added to the Estate Planning Package for an additional $500.
Adam Rieth will give you his personal attention and guide you through the process so that you wishes are legally established. Here are some facts about estate planning to help you get started.

A will is a legal document. It directs how your property and assets will be distributed after your death. It gives you the opportunity to nominate the person you would like to serve as Executor and can even name a guardian or conservator to protect and manage an inheritance to a child or an incapacitated adult. You are in control. You spell out your wishes so they are followed after your death. A will can be changed at any time if you change your mind about any of the conditions in it. Amending or changing your will requires a legal document called a codicil. Think of your will as a living document that can define and redefine your wishes.
If you die without a will, Arizona law will take over. The law will designate your heirs – whether they are the ones you would name or not. The State determines how your assets will be distributed. This process may add expense and time to the settlement of your estate.
Your estate planning attorney, Adam Rieth, can help you make sure your estate is distributed how you want and to who you want to receive it. Make your appointment at the most convenient location of the Rieth Law Offices in Glendale, Gilbert or Queen Creek.

What Is A Will? What Happens If You Don’t Have One?

What Is A Living Will?

If you cannot speak for yourself, what medical care and medical interventions do you want? Would you want to be put on life support or have a doctor revive you if you are suffering from a prolonged or deadly illness? These are your decisions to make. A Living Will allows you to make these decisions and take that burden away from family members who may be uncertain about what to do or disagree among themselves. You are taking care of yourself and your family when you work with an estate planning lawyer like Adam Rieth to clearly define what you want during an illness or after your death.
Very simply, it puts you in charge. Your will or a simple trust makes your wishes legally binding. You know that you can continue to take care of those you love after your death by the distribution of your assets in accordance to your instructions. You can quit worrying about minor children or an adult under your care because you know you’ve provided for them. You have the security of knowing that someone you know and trust will oversee the distribution of your possessions and assets. Estate planning puts your mind at ease and take the burden of making decisions off the shoulders of your family. It is a gift to yourself and to them.

What Does Estate Planning Accomplish?

Should You Seek The Help Of An Estate Planning Attorney?

Yes! You’ve read about the disputes over the wills of movie stars and the very wealthy. It happens in everyday families, too. You don’t want your will to be challenged and you want to be sure you’ve made the best decisions possible. Meet with Adam Rieth for the help you need. He will explain all your options. He can advise what is best for your circumstances. For example, do you need a Durable Power of Attorney or a General Power of Attorney? With offices in Glendale, Gilbert and Queen Creek, his professional advice is convenient and affordable.
Put your mind and the minds of your loved ones at ease with estate planning that covers all your needs. Don’t put it off. Call today.
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