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Families come in all sizes – and so do their problems. Some families have lots of children; some families are seeking to adopt. Some families know they’re coming apart and need to find a path that will restructure a different family for the future. What works best? A divorce? Or, is legal separation a consideration? Money issues can be difficult to resolve. What is fair spousal maintenance? No parent wants their children to become a battleground, but issues concerning child custody and support need to be solved. Hopefully, they’ll be solved in a way that continues to make a child feel loved and safe. A family law attorney can help families solve problems, reach agreements and handle legal problems. Talk to Adam Rieth, an professional family law and divorce attorney with office in Gilbert, Glendale and Queen Creek.

Don’t wait. If you need legal help, call for a free consultation. Make your appointment at the location most convenient to you, Glendale, Queen Creek or Gilbert. Not only can Adam answer all your legal questions and take care of your legal needs; he can help you navigate the troubled waters of a family legal issue. He’ll give you confidence and lower your stress. Adam is used to working with difficult family situations and difficult people. Your questions will be answered. Your legal options will be clarified so you can choose the right solution for you and your family. You can count on getting the professional and support you need.


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You’re unsure about what to do – or how to legally go about what you feel you need to do. That’s what the free consultation is about. It’s an opportunity for you go get to know the Adam Rieth Law Firm and Adam, your family law attorney. He’ll listen to you and answer all your questions. You’ll leave feeling comfortable with your decision and with putting your trust in him. You’ve started down the path that will lead to a successful conclusion of your family law problem.


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You can count on experienced and understanding legal counsel – without creating a financial hardship. Flat rate fees are available for many of the services at Adam Rieth law. Additionally, unlike many firms, they will work with you to design a flexible payment plan to make the legal help you need affordable. All fees will be discussed as part of the free consultation so you can see where you stand – both legally and financially – before you have Adam start working on your case.
Here are Some of the Services Offered at Adam Rieth Law


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Divorce, Legal Separation and Annulment

You have options. A divorce ends your marriage. It is a legal action that makes arrangements for minor children, decides if spousal support is awarded, divides marital property and determines child support and child custody. A legal separation also addresses and makes a legal determination on the same issues. The difference is that the marriage doesn’t end. While each party becomes responsible for his or herself, the marriage is not dissolved. The partners are still married and cannot legally remarry. Legal separations usually occur for religious reasons, but personal reasons – like being able to keep a partner insured through an employer’s health plan – may also be a deciding factor. An annulment says that the marriage never existed. It can be sought for religious or financial reasons. However, an annulment must be based on specific reasons such as fraud, the inability to consummate a marriage or bigamy. Concealing information such as a criminal past or communicable disease may also be grounds for an annulment. When an annulment is granted, the court rules that the parties were never legally married. If you are ending your marriage, you want the advice of an experienced family law attorney to help you make the right choice.


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Child custody, Parenting Time and Support

While these issues were decided during your divorce, time goes by and things change. The income of the one parent or the other get higher – or lower. Parenting and custody decision may be impacted as the children age. It is the court’s duty to do what is best for the child. If you need a modification of child custody, parenting time or child support, you need the help of an professional family law attorney like Adam Rieth. With offices in Queen Creek, Gilbert and Glendale and affordable payment plans, he will give you the personal, caring legal help you need in decisions that deal with the welfare of your children.


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Termination of Parental Rights

The Adam Rieth law firm knows that your children’s welfare and safety are your first consideration. Asking for termination of parental rights – or even a change in those rights — is a serious matter. You will want an experienced lawyer at your side to help you in these difficult matters.


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Prenuptial agreements

A prenuptial agreement defines who owns what and what will happen to those assets if the marriage should end in divorce. It is a legal means of protecting the assets of each partner. It provides the security of knowing that a divorce cannot do financial harm should the marriage fail. You want a family law attorney to assist in making sure the prenuptial agreement is legally binding.


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Name changes

You may want to change your name – or the names of your children – to reflect your current family situation. Again, this is a legal process so you want to consult with the Adam Rieth Law Firm at one of their convenient locations in Gilbert, Glendale or Queen Creek.


When family matters become legal matters, you want sound, professional advice from a compassionate, caring family law attorney.

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