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Family problems are hard problems – especially when they become legal problems. That’s when you need the help of an experienced family law attorney. Here are 5 reasons you might want to talk to a family law attorney.1. Change a Name. It could be that a child was raised by a father with a different last name and, now, you are ready to bring the family together under one name. It may require the consent of both parents or serving copies of the name change papers to the parent that doesn’t consent. If parental rights have been terminated or the parent whose last name the child was given has no legal rights, the process will be simpler. An older child will have to consent to the change. An adult will have to disclose any felony convictions. In all cases, reasons for the change must be given. A family law attorney can help you get it all right and make the process easier!

2. Orders of Protection. If a spouse, child, senior or any person is a victim of domestic violence, a protective order needs to be issued to keep them safe. Family courts can issue a temporary protective order to give immediate protection. This is a serious situation and you want an attorney to help make sure that the individual is not in danger.

3. Appointing a Guardian. If a child is left assets in a will, a guardian will most likely need to be appointed and verified by the court to give the individual the right to make decisions for the child. In addition to financial decisions, a guardian may also need to make medical or personal decisions. If a parent is still alive, they have to be proven unfit to the courts so a guardian can be appointed. The child may have a voice, but the court will always make their decision based on what they think is in the child’s best interest.

4. Emancipation. Family lawyers and family courts don’t just deal with the adults. A child who wants to be emancipated and taken out of the control of their parents legally can go a family law attorney and a family court for help. We often read about this when an underage “star” wants control of their life and their finances, but it happens in other families, too. A family law attorney is the right person to help.

5. Paternity and Custody. Families are complicated. When a child is born, no one may be sure who the father is. Or, the father may refuse responsibility for the child. A court can determine paternity and as part of that decision they can order who has legal custody, who has physical custody, determine visitation schedule and order support for the child. Again, these are serious, legal issues and you want a family law attorney at your side.

Whether you need a divorce attorney or have a family law problem, you want an experienced family law attorney. Take advantage of the first free consultation to meet the lawyer, discuss how he would handle your case and decide if that person is the right family law attorney for your legal issue.