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Admit It – You’re Not a Divorce Professional

You may think you can save money. It could cost you a lot. You may think you and your spouse agree. You may find out you don’t. You think it will be emotionally easy; you want the divorce. You could ride an emotional roller coaster. You think you understand the law. It may surprise you. All of these potential problems can be avoided by an experienced divorce attorney. Hiring one may be the best decision you can make.

You’re Not Special

You may think the courts – or the judge if your divorce ends up in front of one – will be sympathetic to your desire to represent yourself. You’re wrong. The courts expect you to file all necessary paperwork on time and correctly. If you don’t, you may lose some of your rights. If you go before a judge, that judge is interested in the law and not in you. If your spouse has a lawyer, it may be even harder. That lawyer knows how to present your soon-to-be-ex’s case in accordance with state law and make it sound, oh, so, very reasonable. Even in an uncontested divorce, you may forget to dot an important “I” or not know how to negotiate an important settlement issue. Your best bet? Hire an attorney and make sure that attorney practices in the area of family law. Then, you’ll have an professional on your side.

Can You Be Objective?

Being objective about your divorce is very, very difficult. There are promises that weren’t kept. The future you expected is no longer yours. You and your soon-to-be-ex may think you can work out all the issues, but can you? Are you going to get stuck on who keeps the dog or how the children’s time will be divided? Expect that during a divorce you will experience a variety of emotions from sadness to rage, confusion to resignation and betrayal to rage. Making decisions when you are experiencing a strong emotion may well cloud your judgement. It’s hard to make an important decision when you’re emotionally upset. You may refuse to compromise, or you may give in just so it will all be over. An experienced divorce attorney is a third party and, thus, can remain clear and level headed. The attorney will help you work through problem areas, keep your emotions in check and let you know when you or your spouse are being unreasonable. And, that attorney will do it all with an eye to how the state is likely to rule.

There Are Options

You may not know which way to turn or how to decide. For example, you may fight to keep a home that you won’t be able to afford when two paychecks become one. When you represent yourself, you may not know all the consequences of a decision. For example, will a retirement fund you receive as part of the settlement give you a lump sum, so you can have money you need at the time of the divorce or will it only allow monthly payments starting around retirement age? Will you and your spouse agree to something that the court won’t honor? These types of mistakes can be very costly. Once the divorce is settled by the courts, you won’t be able to change your mind.

An Attorney Understands the Big Picture

You need to make a fresh start and you need to have the financial wherewithal to accomplish that goal. A divorce attorney is used to working with the big picture in mind. You may be advised by your attorney to give up something to gain something – and as time passes you may extremely grateful that you were pointed in the right direction. The lawyer can help you have the right parameters in the settlement, so you get what you actually need. Additionally, they can access the help you may need and recommend other professionals – from a financial advisor to a counselor. A divorce attorney is your advocate. Think of that lawyer as a partner in helping you make good decisions and conclude the divorce in a timely manner.

Finding a Family Law Attorney

If you need a family law attorney in Queen Creek, AZ or anywhere, you’re going to find that divorce lawyers usually offer a free first consultation. Take advantage of that visit. Discuss his charges and payment options. Put your cards on the table so he can understand your situation – every divorce is unique. See if that attorney is someone who gives you the confidence to speak freely and offers both support and good advice. When you find the attorney who is right for you, you’ll feel the relief of knowing you don’t have to go it alone and that you have an experienced professional at your side.